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about me

where i've been

Suffice it to say that I've lived life feeling very much outside whatever "norms" society was dishing up at any particular time.

My earliest memories are from Far Rockaway. Before Chambana I lived in Jersey, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Abiquiu, Santa Fe, & Albuquerque. I miss the mountains. Sooooo much.

At 5 years old I remember thinking that my parents were pretty clueless and I couldn't get myself to the store to buy peanut butter. My two least favorite places to live was a waspy middle to upper middle class neighborhood in Northern Jersey where I got beaten up for being jewish. And an upwardly mobile area of Central Illinois where I got preyed upon for being liberal. The pressure to conform was strong in these places.

why I'm here

Shit's getting real, and we have to figure out what to do. Like so many, I'm feeling powerless against so much of what is happening right now. I want to figure out what I can do, and I thought maybe others would want to walk the journey with me.

I also thought that maybe if I started a blog I could keep my Facebook page focused on more important things like Funny Cat videos and the Try Not to Laugh Challenges. And my friends would stop groaning every time they saw a political post from me!

Some of the questions that drive me: Do we realize the level of change necessary to transform our social, political, and energy systems?  How do we even begin to change, considering how entangled we are in the systems that aren't working anymore? Why do we continually function against our own best interests?

my style

Feminism is my second favorite "F" word. I'm for each person living their life the way they want (as long as it doesn't perpetuate oppression and hatred). That last part is important, because the alt-left and religious-right want to turn this country into a christian nation. And that's not okay.

Let me be clear: I take issue with those who speak out against science, trying to debunk climate change while advocating creationism. They reinforce patriarchal, misogynistic gender roles; want fetuses to have rights over the woman carrying them, yet don't give a crap about people once they're born. LGBTQI folks and anyone who disagrees with them are sinners going to hell.

I call bullshit.


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